Monday, July 20, 2009

My Summer Vacation

Remember when you returned to school and the teacher always asked you to write about your summer vacation? Well I have had a Summer Vacation that would really impress the teacher !! Thanks to my kids I have been able to enjoy some wonderful and amazing adventures with my Grandkids!

There's nothing like the thrill of seeing the world through their eyes! We began our trip at Sea World in San Diego having lunch with SHAMU!! I don't know about you but I always get so emotional watching those big and beautiful whales swimming with their trainers in such perfect harmony as if in a water ballet. Our next stop was a behind the scenes tour where we got to see a 6 day old baby dolphin! I'm a hugh dolphin fan and feel a special kinship when they swim up and look at you as if to say, "come on in the water's fine"! Oh how I wish I could!

A Great Big Shamu Kiss to all of the Sea World Team in and out of the water that made this memorable day possible! Please share this experience with your family and especially the grandkids and give them lots to write about from their Summer Vacation with You and Shamu !

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family of Bloggers!

Ladies and Gentemen,

I am very proud to introduce the newest (and possibly youngest) member of the blogosphere.
Go check out my Rockin' Grandson at his new home: RECESS ROCKS!
It's sure to be an adventure...

After you do that go & say Hello to his Mom (my #2 daughter, Becky) : HAPPY HOUR MOM! She will give you some tips on how to entertain your grandchildren this Summer!

If you are into Photography, go visit (my 1st daughter) : TRACEY CLARK! She also founded: SHUTTERS SISTERS! which is an Awesome site for women who really click!

And lastly another Photographer Mom/Blogger (my 3rd daughter) : JESSICA NEW! She can also be found over at : MOVING PICTURES!

As you can see we are slowly taking over the internet, one blog at a time...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

For the love of books...and their authors

Dear Lovers of Books,

I must share some most magical moments with you . Last night I had the great pleasure of meeting the magical and mystical author Francesca Lia Block. She was introducing and signing her new book "the Waters & the Wild. She is a self proclaimed lover of the mythical world and all things fairie. I am as well and the first to repeat loudly I DO BELIEVE! when Tinkerbell needs saving in Peter Pan. We are kindred spirits of that I am sure.

Our story begins with her book "Guarding the Moon." It is her tender tribute to her very first baby girl. I am moved to tears and feel my heart almost break each an every time I read this passage "I feel as if I have been called upon to guard the moon herself a moon with with dimples and a tiny crooked grin. How do you safely carry the moon around on this earth?" I sat in the audience and waited to tell this amazing woman how her exquisite words had touched my own mother heart like no other. When my turn came I could barely speak as the tears began to spill down my cheeks but she understood what my heart was saying. I knew she would. She thought we had met before. I said no but I'm sure we have... after all we have both Guarded the Moon.